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Happy Holidays From All of Us.

So with Christmas around the corner, the chill of winter has flourished. Have you been running around shopping like you have never given a gift before?  Are you up late, shopping online, running yourself into exhaustion so your loved ones feel blessed. Some old school home remedies are in need for some of us.

Sore throat starting? Try some warm salt water and peroxide gargle. It taste awful however it does help with that nasty bacteria in the back of our tongue and throat,.
Tired? those 15 min cat naps at lunch do help.
Do you forget to eat because you have been running around? Pack yourself a survival bag of nuts, dried fruits, crackers and plenty of water. If not you’ll be blowing up with all those comfort carbs later.

Have a blessed and safe holiday season!


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With all the Wild Fires In California

Where can we go to help

The American Red Cross is taking donations to help fire victims by selecting “California Wildfires” for your donations here. You can also text the word CAWILDFIRES to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Also, those seeking resources related to the fires can find a list of evacuation centers at here and can download the organization’s mobile Red Cross Emergency App for the most up-to-date alerts and information.
In addition, you can become a Red Cross volunteer here.

The United Way has created a Disaster Relief Fund

The Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation needs help to fund hydration backpacks for all its firefighters.

Pepperdine Strong Foundation has been set up by the school to help the community by providing needed support for the students, faculty and staff directly impacted by the Woolsey Fire and also the Borderline Bar and G

Dive and surf in Hermosa Beach is taking donations and using boats to take the supplies to Malibu ….. cant get any better than this.

Posted by Dive N' Surf on Wednesday, November 14, 2018